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WATER DEPT 847-623-5030

City of park City purchases water from the City of Waukegan.  The water is obtained from Lake Michigan and processed at the City of Waukegan water plant facility. 
Water Rates:

For customers connected to the City of Park City water system:  $  per 1,000 gallons

 Water  $6.66 per thousand    Sewer  .90 per thousand                                                  

All homeowners will get billed for water every 2 months, Commercial property get billed every month. Minimum bill for commercial is $71.00

A deposit is required when starting water service:  Residential $100.00   Commercial $200.00

Moving in:

When purchasing a new residence in Park City it is required that the residence come to City Hall and apply for service.  To start new service a service order will need to be scheduled. A resident will need to be present to start new service. 

When moving out:

A final needs to be scheduled in order to cancel service. Resident need to be at home to complete the final. Once the final reading is done, service will be disconnected.

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